We’re moving

March 20, 2008

Ok, well the new site is complete. Everything you enjoyed about this blog can now be found at http://sexandtampabay.com. Hope to see you over there!


Lost: Answers and Questions

March 14, 2008

This is going to be a quick look at what last night’s Lost episode (Ji-Yeon) answered and what new questions it raised.

So, if it’s still on the TiVo DON’T READ ON!

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Fun with Mixed Messages

March 9, 2008

Is it any shock that we are so confused? Look at some of the mixed messages that we are told everyday.

Strike while the iron is hot.
Patience is a virtue.

The early bird catches the worm.
Good things come to those who wait.

Don’t be a prude (said to anyone who doesn’t want to talk about sex).
Don’t be a slut (said to anyone who does talk about sex).

Self-acceptance is the path to happiness.
There’s always room for improvement.

Men need to be in touch with their emotions.
Grow a pair of balls (said to any man expressing his emotions).

If you stay home with your children you are wasting your talents.
If you work outside the home you are abandoning your kids.

Love completes you.
Learn to be happy alone.

Post your favorite mixed messages in the comments.

There’s nothing wrong with masturbation

March 9, 2008

I’m was reading one of those stupid women’s magazines at the gym (Self or Cosmo) and they had this section that tracked the sex life of women for a month. It ended up being more boring than sexy, but there was one thing that bothered me… none of the women (married or single reported masturbating for the entire month.


This either means that 1) Women don’t masturbate or 2) They are too embarrassed to admit they do, although they are find talking about the details of their partnered sex romps.

Either one of these possibilities are sad.

If you aren’t regularly getting down with yourself, you really are missing a great way to play with your fantasies as well as learning what gets you off. Not to mention that an orgasm is a great way to improve your mood.

But they sell enough sex toys in the world that I doubt that women really aren’t she bopping. I think it really is just embarrassing to talk about. It goes back to those Freudian myths about sex; tow vaginal orgasms are a sign of better mental health than clitoral. Having sex with someone else is great and wonderful. The message from society is that having it by yourself is sad and lonely.

It just isn’t true. However you reach orgasm is fine, and self-play is a great way to control your sexual desire without possibly harming other people. Masturbation is safe sex, both because you can’t get a disease and because you aren’t using someone else to reach your sexual satisfaction.

That’s sort of the strange thing I found from that article. These women were admitting they were having sex with guys that they didn’t like because they were horny. But they weren’t masturbating? Or they were ashamed to admit it? Please. I’d much rather cop to going solo than admit that I was giving my body over to guys I wasn’t very fond of.

By the way, guys think chicks who masturbate are hella hot. Seriously. Some of the hottest sex I had with the ex were times when we were watching each other going solo. If you aren’t using masturbation and self-play in your sex routine you are missing out on a great way to spice up your sex life without having to dress up in silly costumes or get into a yoga position.

Marie Claire thinks childless people are lazy

February 29, 2008

I’m just now catching up on my magazines for the month. Usually, I read them at the gym, but between the flu and my Guitar Hero related tendinitis, I haven’t worked out in 2 weeks.

I’m on the elliptical trainer reading Marie Clarie when I read something that makes me almost fall down. It came in the cubicle coach section, where people can get advice on workplace problems.

Q:  Dear CC: When we’re on deadline, our manager often makes the work of those with young kids a higher priority so they can be the first ones to leave.  I get that juggling parenting responsibilities and work is tough, but I shouldn’t have to pick up the slack for my overextended collegues, should I?

A:  It’s not about who’s a breeder and who isn’t.  It’s about who has earned the perk – through great work, seniority, ass-kissing, or whatever your particular office values.  CC’s experience is that those with kids use the work day more efficiently than most.  Gone are the lunchtime shopping expeditions, the visits to the gym, the gabfests around the coffeepot about the meaning of last night’s “very special” episode of Big Love.  And remember, young thang, the day may come when you need your officemates to help younow and then on account of kids, a sick parent, a rehabing spouse, or those Tuesday and Thursday night MBA courses.  Here’s hoping you’ve  accrued sufficient good karma with the breeders by then.

That’s right my single brothers and sisters in the workplace, we apparently are slackers. The act of either impregnating someone or giving birth suddenly makes you work through lunch, become productive, and not talk about TV shows.

My first reaction to this is “Fuck You”. My second reaction is “Seriously, Fuck You.” 18 hours later I’m still sort of stunned by how stupid this answer is. Read the rest of this entry »

Does the Florida Senate think women are stupid?

February 29, 2008

 State Senator Dan Webster is proposing legislation that would mandate women seeking an abortion to first view an ultrasound.

I’m not looking to start a debate about abortion. Both sides on the issue have made up their minds and it’ll take a lot more than some blog to change them. I just want to make that clear at the start. This isn’t about abortion, it’s about respecting that women are capable of making their own decisions.

Women aren’t stupid. We understand that pregnancy means we have a fetus growing inside of us. It isn’t as if we don’t know what it looks like. Actually, have you seen what a fetus looks like in the first trimester (the point at which most women choose abortion). This might actually cause the abortion rate to go up! 

It isn't as cute at this stage, is it?

Seriously, look at that thing. It looks like something out of a nightmare.

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Five Signs You’re a Single Woman

February 22, 2008

1. While trying to hang pictures, you realize you don’t own a hammer. So, instead you end up using a pair of heels to get the job done.

2. You consider reaching “Open Communication” on eharmony as a long term relationship.

3. The Chili’s Takeout Person recognizes your voice when you call and asks if you want “the usual”.

4. You don’t understand why your co-workers let the new mother come in late after the baby kept her up all night, but they won’t let you do the same thing after your kitten decides to attack your feet at 3AM.

5. You feel guilty for cheating on your regular vibrator with the big black one. Although, not guilty enough that you get rid of it.