I used to be Snow White… but I drifted

The quote that this blog takes it’s name from was said by Mae West. If you don’t know about Ms. West it’s a shame, because she was one of the great actresses of early cinema. Not because she could really act, but because she created one of the best characters even on film.


Mae West

Before the sexual revolution and woman’s lib she made a series of films (I’m No Angel, She Done Him Wrong) where she played the original vamp. A woman who went what she was after and that was usually sex and/or money.

But unlike most bad girls of the time, West’s characters were the stars to her films, not an obstacle for the “good people” to overcome.

West not only was the star of these films, she wrote much of her own material. Before the films she worked as a theatrical actress performing her own material, even getting arrested at one point for public obscenity after a production of her play “SEX!”.

She was a strong supporter of gay and transgendered rights. Remember, this was in the 1930’s! She believed sex was a human right and that everyone should be allowed to live their sexual lives without fear or judgement.

Mae West sort of defines what I want this blog to be about. Sex, pop culture, politics, and more sex.


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