Lost: Answers and Questions

This is going to be a quick look at what last night’s Lost episode (Ji-Yeon) answered and what new questions it raised.

So, if it’s still on the TiVo DON’T READ ON!

Let’s start with the good stuff – ANSWERS. Sweet answers. Let’s go through what we know after last night.

  1. The Oceanic 6 are Hurley, Kate, Jack, Sun,¬†Aaron and Sayid. At least that’s what it seems like. Yes, Aaron can be one of the O6. That is the term that the media coined them with, and they don’t care that Aaron wasn’t on the plane (remember, everyone thinks that he is Kate’s). The Oceanic Five plus child doesn’t sound right.
  2. We know the man on the boat! It’s Michael. At least, it seems to be Michael. This is Lost, and I suppose evil twins are always possible. And there is that wild spec that it’s actually Walt all grown up. But I think that might be overthinking it.

Now, onto the new questions raised after the episode.

  1. How is Ben communicating with Michael? If Michael is the man on the boat how is he able to communicate info to Ben on the island.
  2. If Windmore didn’t fake the 815 crash, who did? and why?
  3. Why did Regina kill herself? And why was a higher profile actress like Zoe Bell cast in a part that ended up being nothing?
  4. Is Jin Dead? Or is he still on the island?

I’m sure there are more, but I just watched the episode this morning before work and haven’t had time to fully process it.

Discuss away in the comments!!!


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