There’s nothing wrong with masturbation

I’m was reading one of those stupid women’s magazines at the gym (Self or Cosmo) and they had this section that tracked the sex life of women for a month. It ended up being more boring than sexy, but there was one thing that bothered me… none of the women (married or single reported masturbating for the entire month.


This either means that 1) Women don’t masturbate or 2) They are too embarrassed to admit they do, although they are find talking about the details of their partnered sex romps.

Either one of these possibilities are sad.

If you aren’t regularly getting down with yourself, you really are missing a great way to play with your fantasies as well as learning what gets you off. Not to mention that an orgasm is a great way to improve your mood.

But they sell enough sex toys in the world that I doubt that women really aren’t she bopping. I think it really is just embarrassing to talk about. It goes back to those Freudian myths about sex; tow vaginal orgasms are a sign of better mental health than clitoral. Having sex with someone else is great and wonderful. The message from society is that having it by yourself is sad and lonely.

It just isn’t true. However you reach orgasm is fine, and self-play is a great way to control your sexual desire without possibly harming other people. Masturbation is safe sex, both because you can’t get a disease and because you aren’t using someone else to reach your sexual satisfaction.

That’s sort of the strange thing I found from that article. These women were admitting they were having sex with guys that they didn’t like because they were horny. But they weren’t masturbating? Or they were ashamed to admit it? Please. I’d much rather cop to going solo than admit that I was giving my body over to guys I wasn’t very fond of.

By the way, guys think chicks who masturbate are hella hot. Seriously. Some of the hottest sex I had with the ex were times when we were watching each other going solo. If you aren’t using masturbation and self-play in your sex routine you are missing out on a great way to spice up your sex life without having to dress up in silly costumes or get into a yoga position.


One Response to There’s nothing wrong with masturbation

  1. enlightened2nemesis says:

    Nice! I have enjoyed reading your article. I must say that you have completely hit the nail on the head. For all of us women out there I am sure many of you have been brought up to believe whatever it is you believe about masturbation; most females I comes across think it is dirty to touch themselves. Give me a break ladies!!!! It is the number one thing every woman should partake in on a very regular basis. Not only does it allow you to get to know yourself and exactly what you need to tip over the edge of an incredible orgasm. I promise you will feel so much more confident and in control once you can master your own body. Let’s face it also an excellent way to start your day with a smile. 🙂

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