It’s Raining (and sadly, not men)

It’s supposed to keep raining like this on Saturday and maybe Sunday. Some of the events this weekend are still going on but some will probably be canceled. Call ahead to see what the deal is.

I’m going to hang out with Ginger Kitty and play Guitar Hero. Maybe I’ll go up to the comic shop and pick up the new Buffy comic where Buffy goes Bi.

I’d call that a spoiler, but once something hits the New York Times it’s fair game.

So, Buffy decides to have a romp with a female slayer (not Faith, but news character Satsu). The world suddenly is up in arms. What does it mean? What is the message? Is it a marketing ploy?

I’ll start with the last question first; Buffy Season 8 has been one of the top selling comic books in the country. No marketing ploy needed.

And I don’t think there’s any deeper meaning here than admiting the fact that some 20-somethings experiment with their sexuality. Experiment doesn’t have to mean playing in the bushes. For some women sexual experimentation might mean having multiple partners, trying S&M, or even giving up sex totally. You have to try a lot of differnt hats until you find the one that is right for you. For Buffy, that means seeing how girls are.

Besides, it isn’t like Buffy’s sex life was vanilla. Yes, her sex with Angel and Riley was all hearts and flowers. But she and Spike had a twisted relationship based on physical and mental torture. They were all about the hurt and comfort. Is that any less kinky than some slayer-on-slayer action?

I hope that Buffy isn’t gay though. Only because I feel like they went down that road with Willow. I was hoping that Willow was going to be bi. Partly because I shipped her and Xander and partly because I wanted to see an actual bi-sexual in pop culture. Maybe we’ll get that story with Buffy.

Still, I’d be happiest if it was Buffy and Faith. Or Cordy and Anya.


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