Hulk Hogan acts like an ass and cheats on his wife

Anyone who has lived in Clearwater more than two weeks has a Hulk Hogan story. Mine involves the time he threw a hissy fit because the video store I worked at didn’t have Mr. Nanny in stock. “I’m a huge local celebrity” he said, “that thing would fly off the shelves.”

OK, Thunder in Paradise.  

Anyway, you probably know that Hulk and the Misses are getting divorced. The latest twist involves a report that came up on that during the marriage, Hulk was screwing his daughter’s friend.


Now we have reports that Hulk was out on the town with a new girlfriend this weekend. I’ve heard from a few different people that spied the Hulkster at the Mixed Martial Arts competition held in the St. Pete Times forum.

And he wasn’t alone.

He came in with a bodyguard, but shortly afterwards was met by a bleach blonde bimbo who he spent the night holding hands and snuggling with.

Is this the homewrecker Perez Hilton was talking about? Someone new? Whoever she is, hopefully she realized that the American Gladiator’s host is still a married man, and is dealing with the likelihood his son is going to jail. Maybe he should be focusing on the family instead of a new gal pal?

That’s just half of the story. As if it wasn’t bad enough, Hulk Hogan acted like an asshole for the entire evening. He refused to sign autographs, the bodyguard stood up the whole time blocking the view of the ring, and when some kids held out their hands for a high-five he walked past them. He didn’t even wave when kids called his name.

 I’ve talked to a few annoyed parents who have some disappointed kids. Face it Hogan, you’re a huge local celebrity! That means that you have to deal with the fact that people are going to want to talk to you in public. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU’RE AT A WRESTLING TYPE OF EVENTS.

You might be entitled to some anonymity if you were at the Opera or an Art Show. But when you’re presence is announced on the loudspeaker and you’re shown on the jumbotron you can assume someone might want to say “Hi.”

You could even be excused from blowing off the grown-ups. But kids? Take a second and make some child’s day.

If anyone has any pictures of the Hulk and the flavor or the month, we would LOVE to post them. Send them to me at


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